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We have been actively involved in the distribution and selling of New Era Language courses for almost 20 years, and providing courses to people across the globe who have succeeded in learning a language of their choice.

New Era Languages Software

We have a choice of 9 International and 5 Local African Language Courses, which provide language learning solutions to individual learners, educational institutions, governmental and corporate markets. All of our learning material is based on the world-renowned Philips language courses. You can get 1 software licence or a number of licences at a discount. Download New Era Languages learning software and start learning today! 

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Because of the structure of the courses it is not necessary for a student to have any particular linguistic talent. They are suitable for children from about the age of 3 years (with parental guidance until they are able to do it on their own) and for students of average intelligence. The courses cover a large variety of topics, which range in content between one and three levels. (Advanced Levels to follow, for some Languages).

Our Approach

Over many years Linguists have devised a Language Learning System, which was based on experience gained from the language by association methodology. A complex subject was simplified by adopting a natural approach, which we have all experienced in our earliest childhood. We have all learned to speak through a multi-sensory approach A.A.C. (Audio Active Comparative – seeing, hearing and repeating). Through this natural and highly effective method, we have all acquired the ability to speak our mother tongue. We acquired the ability to communicate effectively and with ease.

International Language Courses

Explanations are in English, Afrikaans, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Chinese and Portuguese. 

African Language Courses

Explanations are in English and Afrikaans.

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If you are a foreign enthusiast, corporate, scholar or just anyone that loves learning, you will find our language products are just for you!


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