Xhosa Course

The Language course teaches you through a series of lessons building towards advanced proficiency. As words build to phrases, sentences and dialogues, new vocabulary and sentence construction is integrated in a natural systematic progression.

These Language courses consist of three levels and will take you to where you can speak like a 17 year old speaks their mother tongue. Written and oral tests are provided at all levels. Courses take between four and six months to complete when spending approximately ½ hour per day 5 days per week.


Course Levels

All New Era Language learning courses consist of 3 learning levels. Toggle the display tabs below to learn what the levels consist of.

LEVEL 1 - 2

Level 1 and 2 make a perfect introduction, and cover questions and answers arising in everyday conversation. You will gain confidence and have the ability to speak in phrases together with the use of tenses. There are up to 1800 words to be learnt.


After completing level 3, you will be able to hold discussions on a wide variety of topics, follow radio and television programmes and read a newspaper with confidence. You will learn how to use a further 800 words.

Because of the structure of the courses it is not necessary for a student to have any particular linguistic talent. They are suitable for students from about the age of 3 years (with parental guidance until they are able to do it on their own) and for students of average intelligence. The courses cover a large variety of topics, which range in content between one and three levels.

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