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We have been actively involved in the distribution and selling of New Era Language courses for almost 20 years, and providing courses to people across the globe who have succeeded in learning a language of their choice.

Academic Learning

Our courses provide a practical approach to learning that can help to rapidly improve progress and student engagement.

Organisational Learning

Providing a tool for employees to learn a new language can be a powerful strategic move for your organisation.

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We have a choice of 9 International and 5 Local African Language Courses, which provide language learning solutions to individual learners, educational institutions, governmental and corporate markets. All of our learning material is based on the world-renowned Philips language courses. You can get 1 software licence or a number of licences at a discount. Download New Era Languages learning software and start learning today! 

    International Languages

    Learn to speak an International Language – consists of 3 levels, giving you about 2000 different words of vocabulary.

    5 African Languages

    Learn to speak an African Language – consists of 3 levels, giving you about 2600 different words of vocabulary.

    These courses are designed along the Mother Tongue method and consist of three levels.


    I am loving the New Era Italian course that I am busy with and found that within a short time I could follow much of what was written in the exercises without having to look at the translation constantly.

    I have no hesitation in recommending this course to anyone. I would also like to add that the pre- and post-sale service from Alan was first class, thank you very much!

    Arista van der Merwe

    Mpumlalanga, South Africa

    I would just like to share my absolute pleasure in both dealing with New Era Languages as well as the results achieved using your language products. [My son] Keanu was already a year and a half behind his classmates for the Zulu curriculum, we purchased the Zulu language course from you for him to be able to learn at home and attempt to catch up… for the past two years, Grade 4 and Grade 5, Keanu has achieved top marks for Zulu and has come first in his class for the Grade 5 year. During this time his marks went from 19% to 98%.

    Bev Morgan

    Gauteng, South Africa

    With the Afrikaans language course from New Era Languages I found exactly what I was expecting and my results after only four months were astonishing. I can highly recommend the language courses of New Era Languages because it’s not simply learning words by heart, you really learn to form sentences by yourself, using your own available vocabulary. I am very pleased with the results accomplished within a very short time and I’m already thinking of taking up another local language as my next target. Thank you very much New Era Languages you make learning a new language a child’s play!

    Eduard Rudin

    Gauteng, South Africa

    I highly recommend the New Era Language course. I bought the course in order to pass the Dutch integration exam for a Dutch residency permit. Within 10 days of purchasing the course material, I had roughly spent 50 hours of studying and I had learnt enough to pass the exam. The oral part of the course is excellent and gives you a very good grounding in the language. On a recent trip to Holland I found it a lot easier to communicate, both understanding and speaking had improved dramatically. I have had a very good experience and would highly recommend the course.

    Chantel Geerdes

    Gauteng, South Africa

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    If you are a foreign enthusiast, corporate, scholar or just anyone that loves learning, you will find our language products are just for you!


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