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Learn to speak an African Language – consists of 3 levels, giving you about 2600 different words of vocabulary.

These courses are designed along the Mother Tongue method and consist of three levels.

Learn to speak an International Language.

The Language course teaches you to build proficiency, giving you approximately 2000 different words of vocabulary.

  • Courses consist of three levels which will take you to the way an average 17 year old person speaks their mother tongue.
  • Explanations are in English, Afrikaans, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.
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We have a choice of 9 International and 5 Local African Language Courses, which provide language learning solutions to individual learners, Education institutions, Governmental and Corporate markets.

If you are a foreign enthusiast, corporate, scholar or just anyone that loves learning, you will find our language products are just for you!

Please Note: All our software is designed to run on Windows XP with .NET Framework 3.5 or Windows 7 and Windows 10 devices. We do not support Tablets or any Mobile Devices yet. Mac OS is also not yet supported, however, please see documentation about running our software off Bootstrap on Mac.

If you have any questions / comments, we would love to hear from you! Please contact us here.

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