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Our courses provide a practical approach to learning that can help to rapidly improve progress and student engagement.We offer discounts for multiple licence purchases. Start your learning journey with New Era Languages today!

Academic Institutions

We have a choice of 9 International and 5 Local African Language Courses, which provide language learning solutions to individual learners, educational institutions, governmental and corporate markets. All of our learning material is based on the world-renowned Philips language courses. You can get 1 software licence or a number of licences at a discount. Download New Era Languages learning software and start learning today!

Learning a new language at school has many benefits:

  • When leaving school and applying for work and being able to speak another language can be the factor that decides whether you get the position or someone else does.
  • It could give you the points you may need to get into a certain university or not.
  • Being able to communicate with your fellow pupils/ students bridging the divide between many different cultures.
  • Earning respect from people from other language groups.
  • Day to day communication in all walks of life.

International Language Courses

Explanations are in English, Afrikaans, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Chinese and Portuguese. 

African Language Courses

Explanations are in English and Afrikaans.

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We offer discounts for institutions looking to purchase multiple licences. Our software can be installed on 1 computer per licence. You can save up to 20% depending on your needs!


10% Off

Get a 10% discount on your overall purchase when you buy between 10-14 licences!

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Get a 15% discount on your overall purchase when you buy between 15-19 licences!

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Get a 20% discount on your overall purchase when you buy 20 licences or more!

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If you are a foreign enthusiast, corporate, scholar or just anyone that loves learning, you will find our language products are just for you!


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