International Languages

The majority of our courses consist of basic and intermediate Levels. Advanced Levels in some Languages to follow soon.

Our language courses have carefully structured sentence composition, vocabulary and diction exercises to enable you to acquire these skills in nine of the worlds most widely spoken languages.

Because of the structure of the courses it is not necessary for a student to have any particular linguistic talent. They are suitable for children from about the age of 3 years (with parental guidance until able to do it on their own) and for students of average intelligence.

Courses available:

English : Level 1-3 Afrikaans : Level 1-3
French : Level 1-3 German : Level 1-3
Chinese : Level 1-3 Italian : Level 1-3
Portuguese : Level 1-3 Spanish : Level 1-3
Dutch : Level 1-3
AfrikaansChinese (Simplified)DutchEnglishFrenchGermanItalianPortugueseSesothoSpanishXhosaZulu